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Internet Safety Sites: The Door that's not Locked  and Internet Savvy


 Documents and Internet Resources for Parents

Parents' Guide to FaceBook.pdfParents' Guide to FaceBook
Net Cetera - Chatting With Kids About Being Online.pdfNet Cetera - Chatting With Kids About Being Online
Video Game Tip Sheet for Parents.pdfVideo Game Tip Sheet for Parents
Wireless In Schools and Internet Safety.pdfWireless In Schools and Internet Safety
Wireless Information for Schools.pdfWireless Information for Schools
The Benefits of Wireless Access in our Classrooms.pdfThe Benefits of Wireless Access in our Classrooms
Comparing Website Credibility.pdfComparing Website Credibility
Credibile Website Authorities.pdfCredibile Website Authorities
Assessing the Website Ratings.pdfAssessing the Website Ratings
Assessing the Website Strengths and Weaknesses.pdfAssessing the Website Strengths and Weaknesses
Assessing the Final Website Selection.pdfAssessing the Final Website Selection
PWSD Student Internet Acceptable Use Form.pdfPWSD Student Internet Acceptable Use Form

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